Pictured: Hot Fuzz fans in costume at Comic-Con

While it seems like we were just talking about Hot Fuzz appearing at Comic-Con last year, but it's nowout on DVD today, and while you'll have to wait until you can get to the store or it arrives in the mail to enjoy it ... you can play the Stanford Shootout game live on the web right now. Can you possibly keep the village safe whilst jumping through the air and firing two guns? Find out right here.

Here are some tidbits from Nick Frost and Edgar Wright at Comic-Con:
  • Nick Frost thinks the HD version of the DVD looks 30% better, Edgar Wright doesn't even own an HD player yet.
  • Nick, Simon, and Edgar are working on a new movie, which will complete what they're calling the "Blood and Ice Cream" trilogy.
  • Edgar used to work in the very supermarket featured in the film, and as a teenager he used to dream of one day coming back and "f*cking the place up."
  • The DVD sold a million copies in the UK in four weeks.
  • Edgar Wright was asked to direct the first episode of the new Doctor Who series, and he turned it down. Nick Frost is admittedly, "Not a Who fan." So, don't look for him on the show anytime.
  • Edgar's Don't trailer isn't on any of the Grindhouse DVDs yet, but will appear on the special multi-disc Grindhouse set that comes out.
  • One of the special features on the DVD is "Hot Funk", showing how they made the 'clean' language version of the film, which you can watch after the break.