The master of horror is back! (The previous is said completely tongue-in-cheek.) Jamie Blanks has just signed on to direct a remake of the 30-year-old Australian suspense film, Long Weekend. You don't know who he is? Well, he's the man behind the first film I ever bought previously-viewed for a whopping $10 (and a big guilty pleasure of mine), the tepid thriller Urban Legend, and he's behind the film I wish I never spent money on -- the Denise Richards/David Boreanaz crapfest Valentine. So really, this is 50-50 between not-bad and ick, unless he hits this one out of the ballpark.

The original is an environmentally-conscious film about a couple who decide to spend on a long weekend on an isolated beach to repair their relationship. While there, they "encounter nature's revenge." Maybe they'll get pelted with tons of water bottles and buried under piles of littered garbage. The story is once again coming from the pen of Everett De Roche, who wrote the original, but there is no word on how much has been updated. This is actually the second of back-to-back films from Blanks about couples in peril in nature. He just wrapped another film called Storm Warning, where a yuppie couple get lost in a swamp and "drift off course and into a world of pain." Principal photography is set to begin in October, and the movie will probably come out in 2008. In the meantime, I'd like to start up a campaign that keeps the word "suspenser" from ever being used again.
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