Hooray for morons! Maxim Magazine is getting into the movie business. According to Variety, Sony Screen Gems and Maxim Magazine have made some kind of devil's bargain that will see three Maxim-approved movies coming to a theater near you sometime in the near future. The first will be titled Maxim's Virginity Rocks and will be about a "gorgeous transfer student" who is all about abstinence and succeeds in getting all of the sluts in school to stop putting out. The "school stud" must then try to have sex with the transfer student virgin in order to put a stop to her abstinence campaign. I love the fact that there's actually a target audience for a film like this -- it's called "guys who have never heard of pornography."

The second film will be called Fired Up -- I guess a committee is still debating whether the word 'Maxim' is needed in the title for this one -- and will be about "two horny guys who attend a cheerleading camp." No further details on that one -- they wouldn't want vital plot secrets to leak out this early, right? The third film is called Mardi Gras, and will be about three guys who "try to sow their wild oats in New Orleans." Steve Zaillian and Tom Stoppard are currently working hard on the script for that one.

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