Man, do I love me a good red band trailer. And when it includes Josh Hartnett slicing his way through a little vampire girl with an axe, how can you go wrong? Since this is a red band trailer (or R-rated trailer), you'll need to prove you're over 18 before watching. (Kids with older siblings know what to do.) Once you prove your age, you'll be taken to the new trailer, followed by an exclusive scene from the film. Both look outstanding, and I'm convinced director David Slade's follow-up to the very awesome Hard Candy will most likely go down as one of the best vampire flicks in a long, long time. Unlike most red band trailers, the one for 30 Days of Night doesn't feature any nudity or foul language. Lots and lots of blood? Check. Vampires feasting on human faces? Check. Yeah, this ain't your ordinary, run-of-the-mill family film.

30 Days of Night is based on a miniseries of horror comic books written by Steve Niles (who also co-wrote the screenplay for this feature version, and spoke with Cinematical's Ryan Stewart recently about the page-to-screen process). Although a number of sequels exist in comic form, there's been no word on a potential horror franchise here. Chances are folks will wait to see how this one does in theaters. If it does well, they'll most likely move onto Dark Days (the immediate follow-up to 30 Days). Summer wasn't so nice to horror, but hopefully the brisk October release date (and Sam Raimi's participation) will help 30 Days of Night rise above the rest. This first flick will revolve around a group of vampires who travel to a small town in Alaska where there's no sunlight for 30 days straight. There, they can feed on a slew of unsuspecting town folk without the threat of sunlight crashing the party. It'll be up to the town's husband-and-wife Sheriff team (played by Harnett and Melissa George) to find a way to stop these blood suckers before they destroy everything. 30 Days of Night hits theaters on October 19, right in time for Halloween.