We now know just how young Sandra Bullock's co-star will be in the romantic comedy The Proposal. And, in fact, he's not that young at all. The Hollywood Reporter tells us Ryan Reynolds will star alongside Bullock in one of three upcoming romantic comedies for the actress; this one being about a demanding female boss who faces deportation back to Canada, and so she hatches a scheme to marry her young male assistant (Reynolds.) Only thing is the entire thing is a sham ... until about halfway through the second act. Either that, or Reynold's character will help her find her true love -- blah blah blah.

The script was penned by Peter Chiarelli (who sold the thing roughly two years ago under a pseudonym); he used to be the director of development over at MGM and is now president of Kurtzman/Orci Prods. If those names sound familiar, that's because they belong to Transformers scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci; both are sharing exec producing credits on this gem for Touchstone Pictures. Additionally, Mandeville's David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman will tack on producing duties. Although Reynolds has already hit his thirties, I'm sure they'll age him down a tad for this one -- if only to make it seem like the two are that much farther apart in age. Bullock, however, perpetually looks like she's 26, so they'll have to work on her a bit. Look for plenty of 'You're sleeping your way to the top' gags and hilarity to ensue.

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