The new trailer for Things We Lost in the Fire has popped up online, and I have to say it's pretty disappointing. It breaks two rules of Good Trailer Making: first of all, it tells the entire story, about a woman, played by Halle Berry, who loses her husband and then gains his best friend, played by a straight-laced-looking Benicio Del Toro. Once you've seen this trailer, you know you've pretty much seen how the dynamic between them is going to play out, and where it's going to lead. I'm not suggesting it gives as much away as the trailer for Before the Devil Knows Your Dead, which we recently brought you and which almost gives away even the third act, but it's still pretty all-encompassing. The other rule this trailer breaks is that it tries very hard to make us feel uplifted, which is something no trailer should ever attempt. There's nothing worse than a trailer that 'send me away smiling,' like I've just had some great experience from watching it, and that alone bodes ill for the promise of the film.

Del Toro's character is a heroin addict, which gives us some hope -- surely director Susanne Bier won't pass up the opportunity to give him some great 'strung out' scenes here and there. Bier is a well-known Danish director whose most recent films, unseen by me, are After the Wedding and Brothers. Things We Lost in the Fire is set to hit theaters on October 27. By the way, am I the only person who keeps confusing this film with How to Survive a Hotel Room Fire?