I don't believe in movies being tampered with at all after their initial release, whether it's 'flashlights instead of shotguns' or the smallest visual touch-ups. I just think it's a terrible precedent to set and sort of fundamentally at odds with the point of film, which is to freeze a story in a certain place and time. The only time I usually change my position on this is with films like Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven, which are completely raped by the studios in their theatrical release, and only really exist in the director's cut. I might also make an exception in the case of Twilight Zone: The Movie -- a solid, scary anthology film that's near-ruined by a couple of ridiculous and outlandish scenes that should be snipped out. I'm talking about those bookends -- an opening one in which a couple of guys traveling in a car along a lonely road get into a discussion about The Twilight Zone show and then one of them turns into the stupidest, most un-scary monster of all-time, and a closing one in which the monster returns for no reason whatsoever except to make us say 'Ooh, there's the monster from the beginning!'

Here's hoping there's a 'bookend-free' edition I can choose in the upcoming, long-awaited DVD release of the film from Warner Home Video. Looks doubtful, though -- aside from some cover art and a firm release date of October 9, there's very little detail given on the Amazon page. Surely they'll load it up with some TV show tie-ins, but I really wouldn't expect much else, although I'm pretty sure they could get Joe Dante to sit down and do a commentary for it. John Landis? Probably not.

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