While sporting some serious heels that looked like they might be able to give the Iron Man armor a run for it's money, Gwyneth Paltrow gracefully strutted into our interview and talked about her return to sci-fi, how she approached Pepper Potts, husband Chris Martin's acting in Extras, and her bone-breaking injury.

Click on Gwyneth to hear the interview, which includes highlights like:
  • What it's been like working on Iron Man as compared to Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow.
  • Exactly what happened to her leg. (Ouch!)
  • She's been a been fan of both Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau, and signed on to play Pepper Potts even before reading the script.
  • She used to watch Jeff Bridges in The Jagged Edge on Betamax when she was a kid, and loved working with him in this film, "He's the Big Lebowski!"
  • Longtime Iron Man buddy Happy Hogan WILL be in this film, although she wasn't really allowed to say who will be playing him. Based on the love for Jeff Bridges that she kept mentioning, signs are pointing to the fact that it'll be him.
  • "This is not just a movie for guys ... I think women will be happy to accompany their guys to it."
  • She is "very organized" like Pepper Potts, but says she doesn't have a complicated relationship with a superhero. "Well, I kind of do," referring to hubby Chris Martin, of Coldplay.
  • The idea of her children one day playing with a Pepper Potts action figure is, "Kind of weird."