Terrence Howard might be playing Tony Stark's close friend and military ally, but if you've read the comics then you know that if they make a sequel to Iron Man, he'll be playing War Machine, and possibly going toe to toe with the Man or Iron himself. You can click on Terrence's picture to listen to the audio from the interview, he even provides his own fanfare.

Some highlights our interview with Terrence include:
  • He's signed on for several sequels, possibly with an eye to making this a trilogy. Everything between him and Tony is set up in this first picture, and the sequel is, obviously, contingent on how well this one does.
  • He compares Iron Man to the Kenny Rogers song, "The Coward of the County". Sometimes you have to stand up and fight.
  • He calls Iron Man "the only hero that any hero can kid can become." Most other heroes have a special event that gives them their gifts. Tony Stark actually makes himself a hero. (Let's not forget Batman, and a slew of other heroes, though. But I get his point.)
  • He actually gives a really good explanation of how the repulsors work in the movie.
  • "Everything is special effects in the mind", he says, "so now you can see things on the screen instead of having to imagine them." (Is this necessarily a good thing?)
  • He got to fly an F-16 with a wingman next to him and threw up seven or eight times. Talk about realism.
  • It's nice to hear the respect and admiration he has for the Air Force, who worked with them on the film.
  • One of his most mind-blowing moments, going from small budget films like Crash and Hustle & Flow was having an entire Air Force base at their disposal. They spent $10 million dollars in one day, which was greater than the budgets of both of those films.