Forget about entering the web review by review, old-school thumbs are going to take the net by storm tomorrow. Over 20 years of movie review clips with thumbs up and down from Roger Ebert, the late Gene Siskel and replacement Richard Roeper will be available online -- for free -- at the Ebert & Roeper website, Just how many movies could there be? Two decades is a looong time, and has resulted in approximately 5,000 reviews, which will even include recent shows with Roeper and guest reviewers such as Jay Leno. Even better -- there is a big search engine coming along with the horde, so viewers can search by movie title, director or actor.

In a statement, Ebert said: "For years, this was a dream. Now I am exhilarated that it is a reality, thanks to the enormous effort of digitizing something like 1,000 programs." It sounds pretty wild to me -- both for nostalgia sake and as a handy film reference. It'll also be great for the Ebert fans who are still missing his presence on the show since his last appearance a year ago. The reviewer has said that he's waiting for another operation that will hopefully restore his speech, and maybe then we'll see him churning out more videos. But in the interim, we've got a few decades of old clips to revisit.
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