Announcing their second deal in one day, The Hollywood Reporter tells us scribes Peter Huyck and Alex Gregory have sold yet another pitch to Universal Pictures; this one is being developed as a star vehicle for Jack Black. Hoping to swipe a little thunder from the upcoming Indiana Jones sequel, they're calling this flick The Lost Adventures of Stone Perlmutter Jr. -- and, like Indiana Jones, it will revolve around an adventurer (Black) who goes in search of elusive and mystical artifacts. The story will play out in a faux documentary style, and revolve around recently-discovered footage from 1979 that features Perlmutter Jr. searching for things like Yeti, El Dorado and the lost tomb of Jesus. While he's at it, maybe he'll also search for the three people who actually liked Nacho Libre. That would take some time, though ... he says as he ducks and awaits the Nacho fanatics to attack.

It might be a good role for Black; although I was frightened as all hell, I kind of liked watching him bumble his way through the jungles in King Kong. Give him a good sidekick, and this one can soar. Black will also be producing the film through his Universal-based Electric Dynamite, but currently no one is attached to direct. Huyck and Gregory, who began their careers writing for Late Show with David Letterman and then The Larry Sanders Show, are also attached to the tennis comedy Pros. Black can next be seen in Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind, and is out filming another adventure-comedy as the character Jeff 'Fats' Portnoy in Tropic Thunder for director Ben Stiller.

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