Within the next week or so, we'll be posting our upcoming interview with director Jason Reitman (son to Ivan Reitman), but for now, this news: his follow-up to Thank You For Smoking has just landed a release date. Fox Searchlight has confirmed Juno will be given a platform release on December 14th of this year. Pic will mark the director's second big-screen outing, following the highly-acclaimed ensemble smoking satire which was nominated for a number of awards including two Golden Globes (best picture and best actor in a musical or comedy -- Aaron Eckhart). We've been following Juno for quite some time now, and I, personally, cannot wait to see what Reitman does with yet another wonderful cast of characters.

Written by Pussy Ranch blogger-turned-screenwriter Diablo Cody, Juno stars the very awesome one-two punch of Ellen Page and Michael Cera. Just the thought of those two working off one another gives me goosebumps. Page is like a lightening bolt, and Cera perpetually looks like a dear caught in the headlights. Combined, I'm sure we're in for some hilarious, yet heartwarming stuff.

Here's what Fox Searchlight has to say about the film: "JUNO (Ellen Page) is a whip-smart teen confronting an unplanned pregnancy by her classmate Bleeker (Michael Cera). With the help of her hot best friend Leah (Olivia Thirlby), Juno finds her unborn child a "perfect" set of parents: an affluent suburban couple, Mark and Vanessa (Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner), longing to adopt. Luckily, Juno has the total support of her parents (J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney) as she faces some tough decisions, flirts with adulthood and ultimately figures out where she belongs." An Arrested Development reunion, another Reitman flick -- what's not to look forward to?

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