I'm not a big fan of the "pile-on" mentality where movies are concerned. Whether it's everyone fawning over My Big Fat Greek Wedding (god help me) or everyone having a huge laugh while poking Gigli with a stick, movie-related (and often media-fueled) herd mentalities can be pretty darn obnoxious. You know what? I happen to think Ishtar has some really solid laughs in it. Yep, and I also think Top Gun (arguably one of the most popular films of all time) is a hilarious junkpile. But there seems to be a small fistful of movies that are "generally" accepted as big-time garbage -- and as this amusing Sydney Herald story points out, Kevin Costner'sWaterworld is pretty much one of 'em.

The four other flicks covered in the piece are turkey-smoked stand-bys: the aforementioned Ishtar, Michael Cimino's infamous Heaven's Gate, Paul Verhoeven's vile Showgirls, Oliver Stone's generally ridiculous Alexander, and Mr. Costner's water-logged adventure flick, a project that (yes) was known as both "Fishtar" and "Kevin's Gate" prior to its theatrical release. (I remember, I was there!) Paraphrasing a UK TV interview, the Herald offers this: "Just because it had been ridiculed by the critics and had failed commercially didn't make it a poor film. In fact, Costner insisted, one day Waterworld would be recognised as what he had always believed it to be: one of the greatest science fiction adventure yarns ever made."

OK, let's all take a deep breath for a second. First off, I can't even imagine why Kevin Costner would feel the need to defend this movie. Over the course of his 25-year career, Mr. Costner has contributed to some seriously excellent films, numerous "perfectly watchable" movies, and a handful of (yeah) real mistakes. Find me an established actor who hasn't. And while I can certainly understand the guy dropping a few kind comments about the old fiasco, I must raise an eyebrow at one small section: He really thinks Waterworld will end up being remembered as one of "the greatest science fiction adventure yarns ever made"?? Really? Like, right up there with Star Wars and Planet of the Apes and ... Battlefield Earth?

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