Clowns and robots ... need I say more?

  • That Dark Knight teaser website has been updated with a slew of clown photos; all of which can also be accessed through a new site, Readers can now scroll through seven pages of regular folk with their faces painted like the Joker, while listening to that annoying circus music. If I had to take a wild guess, it looks like the photos were taken during ComicCon, and they're now being used as part of yet another viral promotion for next summer's The Dark Knight. A message above the images reads: "Hire any of these clowns to entertain you at the public gathering of your choice. They will do almost anything for a laugh." Anything? Really? Oh, I can think of some things ....
  • And speaking of viral marketing, Pixar has already started building hype for next summer's WALL•E by releasing a few character posters during ComicCon. You can scroll through five of them here. Once you're done with that, head on over to -- apparently this is the website for the fictitious robotics manufacturer that created the robots featured in the film. There's plenty of detail stuffed into the site, but you can scope out pics (as well as read about their individual specialties) of four different robots: SALL•E, GAR•E, NANC•E and WEND•E. You can read much more about Pixar's next flick in our ComicCon coverage of the Disney/Pixar Presentation.
  • Since I just got finished telling you about clowns and robots, it's only fitting that I leave you with one story that involves both. Some dude posted a short film up on YouTube which follows director Michael Bay (portrayed by a hilarious actor) around town while he attempts to convince people to go see Transformers. I've watched it three times now, and the thing just keeps cracking me up. These guys are so out of their minds. For those of you in the office, there's a bunch of foul language included within, so keep that in mind. My favorite line: The actor playing Bay runs up to the camera and says, "I just got done banging my assistant in a giant pile of cash." Yeah, that about gives you an idea of where this one is heading. Enjoy. [via Defamer]
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