Is it bad that I just got around to seeing Casino Royale for the first time a couple weeks ago? Lame, I know, but I needed to work up to it in my Netflix queue. Nevertheless, I absolutely loved it and anticipate Bond 22 just as much -- if not more than -- my fellow Cinematical writers. As was the case in the months leading up to Casino Royale, most of the talk revolved around who would be cast as the next Bond girl. Things came right down the wire last time, with Eva Green and Caterina Murino landing major roles. This time around, the list of female contenders became available almost immediately after Royale left theaters. Sticking with that somewhat exotic, unfamiliar vibe, names like Carice van Houten, Abbie Cornish and Rose Byrne were being thrown around. And the most concrete rumor came in the form of an Aussie scoop that claimed Cornish had flew to Singapore to meet with producers about the role. Since then, nada.

Now, however, MTV is reporting that Rose Byrne may have let slip some major casting information during a recent interview with the actress. When they asked her whether she was up for the Bond girl role, the gal denied it but said: "I think Abbie Cornish's got it." Byrne and Cornish are both Aussies, but they're also friends -- which means it's quite likely that one would know which roles the other had landed. If Cornish has landed the role, there's a good chance negotiations are still ongoing and we won't hear about it for a little while. Cornish is known for going both brunette (A Good Year) and blonde (Candy, Somersault) in her roles, but I personally would like to see some blonde on blonde action between her and Daniel Craig. What about you?

Bonus trivia question: Name the last film that featured a blonde Bond girl?

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