If this isn't one of the stranger projects announced this year, featuring one of the stranger casts, then I dare you to top it. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that a live-action Jack and the Beanstalk flick is in the works. Not only that, but it seems Jack discovered a group of way-passed-their-prime actors to star while up there in the sky. Perhaps the Beanstalk is a time machine, because the last time these folks were popular -- well, let's just say it's been awhile. We're talking Katey Sagal, Wallace Shawn, Gilbert Gottfried, Chevy Chase, Christopher Lloyd and James Earl Jones. I swear -- that's the cast! Next thing you know, they'll be trying to dress up Fred Savage so that he can age-down and play Jack.

As it stands right now, James Earl Jones will play the giant (what, did you think they'd make Darth Vader an errand boy?), Segal will play Jack's worrisome mother, Shawn (who I've always found to be one of the most overlooked character actors) will play the dude who sells Jack the beans, Gottfried will somehow become the live-action goose that lays a golden egg and Chase will play the father of a family who gets lost while on their way to Wally World. Yeah, I wish. Actually, he'll have some sort of cameo as a guy in a labyrinth. As of now, Jack has not been cast. Gary DePew will produce; he was also a line producer on Warner Bros.' Hansel and Gretel, and produced Children of the Corn III and Children of the Corn IV. Well, at least all the films have something to do with children. Beanstalk will mark the first of ten low-budget family films that will be produced through DePew's Avalon production company. Looking at this cast, I can only imagine what will come next: Little Red Riding Hood, starring Cyndi Lauper? Heck, I'd see it.

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