We already heard about two of the new cast members, Miranda Richardson and Mark Strong, last month, but now Variety has got another new name added to the Graham King - Martin Scorsese - Julian Fellowes - Jean-Marc Vallee film The Young Victoria, and it's the lovely Jim Broadbent. Emily Blunt is starring as Victoria, with Rupert Friend playing Prince Albert, Richardson playing the Duchess of Kent (ol' Vickie's mom), Strong as Conroy and Broadbent playing King William, Victoria's uncle.

Cinematical has been following the film every stepoftheway. I, for one, am really itching to see what they do with this world. Young Victoria will, as the title suggests, follow the royal icon as she ascends the throne at 18, her early years of reign (she ruled for a whopping 63 years) and of course, her marriage to Prince Albert, who has since become infamous for less-than-royal reasons. We already know that Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York) is involved, which could mean some tasty insight, but what's really great is the directorial eye behind it all. He hasn't been getting much chatter for this picture, but Scorsese isn't the one behind the camera, it's Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallee, who made quite a splash with his coming-of-age film C.R.A.Z.Y. The director has an eye for youth, so it'll be interesting to see how he handles pushing his characters even further back in time. And really, with Jim Broadbent in the cast, you're at least guaranteed quality scenes from him -- and against Richardson? It's all too sweet.
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