Let me ask you this: Is tennis really that interesting? Not so much watching it, but using it as a backdrop for a major motion picture? I mean, can you name one memorable tennis flick (and I wouldn't count Match Point)? The last tennis-related film, if I recall, was Wimbledon starring Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany. I guess someone saw it since it grossed $16 million, but it wasn't exactly record-breaking. And yet, the studios continue to pick up scripts that revolve around the marvelous world of tennis. The latest comes from Universal Pictures, who've gone out and snatched up a comedy called Pros from writers Peter Huyck and Alex Gregory. Like pretty much every other film out there, Mary Parent and Scott Stuber will produce. Oh, and did I mention it's about tennis?

Actually, this one looks to be the tennis version of Caddyshack (to a certain degree), as it centers on the rivalry between a blue-collar YMCA tennis pro and a playboy country club pro. See, when a fire destroys the local YMCA, this country club allows the rough-and-tough "street kids" to use their courts for the summer. I can't imagine a world where that would ever happen in real life, but it's the plot for this film and they're sticking with it. Aside from Pros, Seann William Scott and Randy Quaid will star in Gary the Tennis Coach, due out early next year. Yes, another tennis comedy. I don't know, I just can't see the potential for humor out of this sport. Once you get past the obligatory shot of someone throwing a racket and/or jumping the net and getting stuck halfway in between, what's left? Hell if I know. No cast or director has been assigned to Pros yet; look for the comedy to arrive at some point next year, or the next.

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