A brand new trailer for Rob Zombie's re-imagined Halloween has just arrived online, and I have to say it looks pretty good. Of course, since the trailer is quite obviously cut together so that it doesn't offend anyone, we can't truly see how bloody and gory Zombie's taken our old friend Michael Myers. What we need is a sweet red band trailer for this bad boy; I want to see Myers tearing someone's head off. The violence we do see, however, looks a bit more hand-to-hand and realistic than other Halloween sequels. I dig that. I often tire of watching someone like Myers (or Jason) rip a flagpole out of the ground and stick it through some poor, unsuspecting teenager having sex. I want to see fights. I want to see people scratching and clawing for their lives. I want to see Zombie bring Myers down to a level where we can almost imagine something like this happening somewhere in the real world.

And that's what Zombie is doing with this updated version; at least it appears that way. Right off the bat, we hear a news story that compares the Myers killings (when the young Myers hacks his family) to the Manson murders. By grounding this film in reality, I feel it will be a lot more successful. I already love the stuff with Myers in the mental hospital -- this was an aspect of the Halloween story that I always wanted to see more of. Just the fact that Zombie will dedicate a good amount of the film to this time in Myers' life is definitely something that intrigues me. Will we see Myers up to his old tricks? Hell yes. There will be plenty of him returning to Haddonfield, slicing his way through neighbor after neighbor, until he finally ends up face-to-face with the sister he came searching for. I would've liked to see some more of Dr. Loomis (Malcolm McDowell) in the trailer, but part of me almost likes the fact that Zombie is keeping him in the background until it's time to see the film. Check out the new trailer, and let us know what you think. Halloween arrives in theaters on August 31.