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From the lurking corners of the internet, sometimes called LiveJournal, comes a sneak peek at the DVD cover art for the Grindhouse separately released films Planet Terror and Death Proof. Based on these pictures, it looks like they'll be housed inside of collectible tins, with a regular snapper case underneath. But, as always with things on the web that don't come straight from the source, take it with a grain of salt.

You can read all about the special features that will be included after the break, but I'm most excited about Vanessa Ferlito's restored lapdance scene in Death Proof. Hopefully that'll be worth the price of admission alone. Rodriguez' Planet Terror will include mainstays from his DVD releases, including the 10 minute film school and cooking school entries, as well as a feature-length commentary track.

Thankfully, Death Proof will have a built-in special feature on your remote called the "fast-forward" button that will let you skip through all of those interminably long talking scenes. The shots of these DVDs look like they might have been taken at Comic-Con, where they had a real amputee dressed up like Cherry Darling. I didn't get close enough to check, due to the throngs of fanboys taking her pictures while she gyrated on a pole.
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