Former music video director Francis Lawrence (Constantine) still has some work to do on I Am Legend, but he's not wasting any time filling up his schedule. The Hollywood Reporter recently announced that Lawrence has signed to direct Disney's kung fu Snow White update, Snow and The Seven. It's too bad they aren't planning on keeping the title -- I think it's kind of catchy. The fairy tale update does away with the wicked queen, the princess with a sleeping disorder and diamond- mining dwarfs and instead "centers on a British girl being raised in 19th century Hong Kong. When she realizes her destiny is to conquer an evil force, she must prepare to fight by being trained by seven Shaolin monks." Famed fight choreographer Yuen Woon-ping has already been signed, but there has been no mention of any other casting.

According to The Reporter, the project has been kicking around Disney for some time. A script had already been written, but a re-write was recently completed by Scott Moore and Jon Lucas. Moore and Lucas have worked together before on the family film Full of It, so you have to wonder if Snow is going to be a little too 'PG' -- well, maybe PG 13 ... tops. Lawrence is already hard at work on Eddie Dickens and The Awful End, a family film based on the novels by Philip Ardagh. With one film still unfinished, and another production already in motion, looks like Snow and The Seven is just going to have to wait a little while longer.

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