I wish this was a cruel joke, but apparently it's not. In a recent Hollywood Reporter article that talks about toy companies and the various film and TV deals they have in the works, they mention that Mattel is "in talks with Hollywood partners to turn Magic 8 Ball into a theatrical release ..." Yes, the round black ball you ask questions to, while shaking and waiting for a little plastic thing to tell you the answer. They want to somehow make that into a movie. A real movie. About a Magic 8 Ball. Is it just me, or has Mattel handed over all their properties to some guy sprinkled with idiot dust? Mattel, who are obviously foaming at the mouth after watching Hasbro's Transformers take the world by storm, are now actively pursuing a number of different avenues.

Apart from the aforementioned (and brilliant) Magic 8 Ball idea, they're still looking to push Barbie and Hot Wheels onto the big screen even though the option with Sony Pictures expired this year. Mattel is also looking to do something with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe; a project that was recently rescued by Warner Bros. and supposedly has Joel Silver attached as producer. As we previously told you, Hasbro is also exploring their options on future big or small screen projects revolving around such brands as Candy Land, Trivial Pursuit (good TV show), Ouija Board, Monopoly and Clue (which was already turned into a movie). Let's not forget Paramount's plans to do something with G.I. Joe as well. Oh, and the article also mentions a Bratz sequel. Yay! Are there any other toys or games you'd like to see up on the big screen?