Matt Damon's Best & Worst Movie RolesMatt Damon's come a long way since playing the lobster-challenged little brother to Julia Roberts' love interest in Mystic Pizza. He's come even longer since appearing as an extra in Field of Dreams (he was the guy next to Ben Affleck). And while he may not be quite as "celebrated" a celebrity as close pals and Ocean's co-stars Brad Pitt and George Clooney (though it's safe to say he's left Ben in the dust), he's got one major advantage: his OWN booming franchise.

Not only do they rake in the cash, but the Bourne movies seem to get better and better (just check out the reviews for Ultimatum). That never happens. So is it safe to say amnesiac spy Jason Bourne is the best role of Damon's career? Or was it as Good Will Hunting, the movie that introduced Matt and Ben to the world and earned Damon a Best Actor Oscar nomination. Or maybe it was one of Damon's two triumphs in 2006, The Good Shepherd or The Departed. And what was his worst? Moviefone takes a crack at ranking Damon's best and worst roles. Check it out, then argue the fine (and not-so-fine) points below.