Hey, I have an idea! Let's make a movie ... based on a video game! Seriously! I mean, the story and the characters are already done, so that's half our work right there. Plus we can use the game to design the sets, the props, everything! It'll be so easy! ... What's that? It's been done a couple dozen times already? And the result is nearly always disastrous? Hmph. That kinda stinks, because the game series I was thinking of would be perfect for a movie! It's called Painkiller, and...

Ah. Someone beat me to it, huh? OK, so what's the deal? It's the story of an otherworldly assassin who must do battle with the forces of evil, right? Yep, so was mine. And of course it will be based on the PC game Painkiller and its Xbox sequel Hell Wars. (I knew I should have written this script last year!)

Lame humor aside: Variety reports that Jon Berg & Todd Komarnicki's Guy Walks into a Bar production shingle has landed the rights for the movie version of DreamCatcher Interactive's dark-yet-popular first-person-shooter series. Needless to say, plans are already afoot to have a third game ready in time for the movie's debut. The producers have hired busy newcomer Ben McCaw to turn the game into a screenplay (lucky jerk!), and here's why the game-makers gave up the rights to this particular team: "Partly because of the shingle's plans to blend the fast-paced action, the wide array of weaponry and cast of demonic characters in the feature adaptation." Weapons and demons! That's what they should call the movie!

Fingers crossed for an R rating?
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