Slowly but surely, Ricky Gervais is climbing the Hollywood ladder. After co-starring in films like Night at the Museum and the upcoming Stardust, Variety reports Gervais has landed a lead role in Early Retirement for Warner Bros. What, did you think he was calling it quits early; hanging up his comedic hat while he was still ahead? I know a few folks who would quite literally hunt the man down and force him to return to either the big or small screen if that were the case. He's just too good at what he does, and it would be a real shame to lose him at this stage in his career. The film is based on a pitch from Mark Perez, who previously wrote the Justin Long comedy Accepted, and will make his feature directorial debut on a film called Cellmates for New Regency.

In Early Retirement, Gervais will play a father who decides to quit his job in order to spend more time with his family. Perez calls it "the opposite of most family comedies," pointing to the fact that the majority of films in this genre tend to end with the main character quitting something (be it an annoying hobby or a highly-stressed career) to be with their family. In Early Retirement, the film will begin that way instead. Fun! I imagine problems will arise when Dad realizes that staying home with the fam is far from an enjoyable experience. Next up, Gervais will be co-starring alongside Greg Kinnear and Tea Leoni in David Koepp's romantic comedy Ghost Town.

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