Are you not entertained?!! Oh, whoops. I mean, This is Sparta!!! Or at least it was for last week's Insert Caption contest for 300("The most homoerotic epic of the year!" -- Kevin Polowy, Moviefone), and boy was it raining jokes about abs and pecks, with the occasional, obligatory Justin Timberlake reference (hey, we banned "sexyback" references, remember?). Congrats to our winners below, yours is a fascinating tribe, and your caption-writing power just divine. Expect the 300 DVD and soundtrack shortly.


1. "My face is up here." -- Colton P.

2. "This is madness, Leonidas, but it's not Sparta. We're actually somewhere near Hoboken."
-- Jake S.

3. "Look, if we allow YOU to go naked, then we'll have to let EVERYONE in the empire go naked, and we just can't have that."
-- Evan S.

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This week we bring you a photo of Matt Damon and Julia Stiles playing Insert Caption in the new movie The Bourne Ultimatum. But for fun's sake, let's pretend they're doing something wildly different and unlikely, like using Yahoo Movies. Writers of our three favorite captions will win all sorts of Bourne swag, including a book (possibly even with pictures), a tee-shirt and a poster. Now don't get all amnesiac assassin on us and forget to check your email next week. Winners will be notified Wednesday or Thursday. Good luck!

The Bourne Ultimatum