A whole swarm of Daniel Silva spy novels are heading to the big screen. Universal has forked over a seven-figure sum to get the rights to the author's award-winning spy series that focus on a Mossad agent-turned art restorer Gabriel Allon. So far, they're not too interested in chronology, and won't be focusing on the first, The Kill Artist, which details the guy getting pulled out of retirement to stop the assassination of Yasir Arafat. Instead, they're looking to start with The Messenger. While not a story about Joan of Arc, the religion is right on cue -- Allon has to help stop planned attacks against the Vatican -- namely Pope Paul VII and Monsignor Luigi Donati.

So, we've got the story, which could be good, but what else? There's no screenwriter attached yet, but there is a director -- Pierre Morel. Now, the man has worked as a cinematographer on films like The Transporter and as a camera operator for The Dreamers, Before Sunset and funny enough -- The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc. But forget all that -- he's also the guy who directed the uber-awesome Banlieue 13, otherwise known as District 13. I'm a big fan of David Belle and Parkour, so I'm really, really hoping he somehow slips it into the film. It's about spies, so it could happen...right?
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