As things gear up on James Cameron's upcoming Avatar, we've got some tough cast added to the roster. It's not a surprise, really, that Hollywood tough-girl Michelle Rodriguez just won a part in the film as an ex-marine pilot. With Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) already in place, who else could equal her toughness? Apparently, the director has wanted to work with her since seeing her performance in Girlfight years ago. Hopefully she won't have any further legal troubles to complicate matters. Also joining the cast is film and theater actor Stephen Lang. He's played a bunch of military men over his career, so he should feel right at home as "a seasoned Marine Corps colonel who travels to the faraway planet Pandora to take charge of its troops."

Apparently, the actor had tried out for a role in Aliens a whopping two decades ago. While he didn't get the part, the director never forgot him. That's a hell of a long time to wait for your memorability to come to fruition! As for the film, Cinematical has followed it every step of the way. Recently, a deal was made for a video game collaboration, and just the other day, Weaver was really talking up the film, calling it: "a fantastic movie. So ambitious. So romantic and sweeping." Ambitious? Cameron? Never!
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