I just about lost my breakfast trying not to laugh when Harvey Keitel brought out the President's Book of Secrets -- a book that holds all the answers to this country's most puzzling questions, like who really killed J.F.K. and what's really going on at Area 51. Dun. Dun. Dun. And guess who's job it is to steal it? That's right, Nicolas Cage is back hunting treasures, but this time there's a lot more at stake -- like clearing his family's name. When a piece of John Wilkes Booth's super secret diary is found, not only does it tell us who his top five crushes were, but it also implicates Cage's (or his character Ben Gates, that is) great great grandfather in the conspiracy to murder Abraham Lincoln. And since our man Gates doesn't want to be known as the great great grandson of the guy who conspired to kill one of our greatest Presidents, he sets out on an adventure to clear his family's name. Little did he know the secrets he'd uncover in the process.

This new full-length trailer looks similar to the first film in that Gates needs to keep following clues -- breaking into protected buildings, utilizing a number of one-liners, and even kidnapping the President -- until he gets what he needs. Of course, like with any sequel, the stakes are higher, the missions are harder and the wisecracks are that much funnier. Cage, Keitel, Jon Voight and Diane Kruger all return for part two, with pretty nifty additions like Ed Harris and Helen Mirren. While I'll joke about the film, I kind of dug the first flick. It's no Indiana Jones, but it's light, fluffy and fun to watch Cage figure out a way to pull off a stunt that seems utterly impossible. Kind of like Mission Impossible ... but, ya know, for kids. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets hits theaters on December 21.