Marilyn MonroeThis weekend marks the 45th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death. Did she really commit suicide? Was her death an accident? Could she have been murdered? These questions have been asked for decades, but now a new documentary seems to have the answer: Robert Kennedy did it. Well, maybe not, but the then U.S. Attorney General was in fact at Marilyn's house the night she died.

The doc, tentatively titled Death on Helena Dr., features an interview with an FBI agent who was also there that night, though outside in a surveillance van, and he claims to have witnessed RFK and other men enter Marilyn's home, where they all screamed and yelled in the guest cottage. Apparently she may have been murdered in the cottage and then moved to the bedroom where she was discovered. I guess we'll have to watch the film, produced by Marilyn memorabilia collector Keya Morgan, to find out more.

I've been a longtime enthusiast of conspiracy theories, but I never could get interested in the Marilyn death stuff. I guess I just didn't care enough, and I didn't believe the motivation to murder a huge movie star was there. Plus, I always figured, and still figure, that even if Bobby Kennedy was around that night, she could have just overdosed after he left. It makes more sense for her to have taken her own life after getting whatever news she received (possibly John F. Kennedy's decision to break off their affair), rather than for her to have been killed because of whatever information she knew (about any number of other conspiracy theories).

Death on Helena Dr. seems to be anchored on the FBI agent's interview, but it will also include other testimonials from former L.A. Police Chief Darryl Gates, Jack Clemmons, who was the first cop "officially" to arrive at the murder scene the morning of August 5, Abe Landau, who was Marilyn's neighbor and a Beverly Hills detective named Lynn Franklin. Morgan claims his film will also offer new information on the assassination of Robert Kennedy, too. A release date for the documentary was not given.

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