Abbie Cornish's agent has come out and publicly refuted the story that's been circulating that Cornish has sewn up the leading lady role in the next Bond film. This sounds like a complete non-story to me, since we pretty much knew that already. Last time I checked, major casting deals aren't usually announced through the Rose Byrne Tribune. "I can tell you that information is not accurate," agent Belinda Maxwell told the Sydney Morning Herald, clearly speaking to the idea a deal is completely locked up. The only other quote from Maxwell is a reiteration of that first, careful statement: "Well, I can reiterate that that's not accurate information." In other words, she's choosing to stay within the bounds of the obvious -- that her client hasn't signed on any dotted line. I'm a van Houtenite, not a Cornite, so any news that puts distance between Cornish and this part is good news to me.

In other Bond news, is linking to some details on the upcoming fourth Young Bond novel, which will be titled Hurricane Gold. This one is set in and around Mexico, and has the young hero finding himself on an island that's a "safe haven for criminals." The name of the Bond Girl in this one will be Precious Stone, which sounds kind of lame to me. Couldn't they have come up with something better? Anyway, the book is set to be published in September of this year, but I'm not sure if that's U.K. or worldwide. Stay tuned to Cinematical as we continue to report on all things Bond-related.

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