While it's true that you probably won't find a bigger Pirates of the Caribbean geek than yours truly, even I'll admit that the third one kinda ... sagged in the middle just a little bit. It took me a full three viewings before I really noticed it, but it really felt like the movie was missing one medium-sized action scene at the mid-section...

Meh, seems a rather nit-picky thing to gripe about, considering how enjoyable I found the rest of the trilogy. My well-worn copies of Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest reside next to a slim rectangular hole where the third DVD goes, and it looks like December 4th is when that void will be filled by an At World's End 2-disc mega-set. Disney just announced the full specs for the two releases, so we turn to DavisDVD.com for the booty list...

Oh yeah: The single-discer will deliver audio commentary and a blooper reel, but for all the extra goods you'll have to opt for the 2-platter option. Extras there will include:

Anatomy of a Scene: The Maelstrom -- The trilogy's climax gets a blow-by-blow treatment. (Sorry if that sounded vulgar.)
Keith & the Captain -- Johnny Depp and Keith Richards behind the scenes. Should be a blast.
Tale of the Multiple Jacks -- A breakdown of Depp's trippiest hallucinations since his last trip to Las Vegas.
Hoist the Colors -- "Reveals the inspiration for the original composition." I'm not sure if that means the musical score or the production design.
Masters of Design -- Ah, here we are: No less than five mini-documentaries covering five specific sections of the production design.
Inside the Brethren Court -- A closer look at all the new pirates, from their outfits to their non-fictional counterparts.
The Pirate Code: Revealed -- "Explores the pirate code and the history of piracy." Yeah, but it's a Disney DVD, so don't expect any gory details.
The World of Chow Yun Fat -- The international star gets a featurette all his own.
The Pirate Maestro: The Music of Hans Zimmer -- And here's the musical bit. Cool.

Obviously the flick will also be available on "Blu-Ray," which still kinda freaks me out a little. And what fortuitous timing! This DVD hits stores the same month that Christmas arrives. Neat!
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