Sorry, I lied just to catch your eye. The truth is that The Orphanage was only produced by the man behind Cronos (and Mimic), The Devil's Backbone (and Blade 2) and Pan's Labyrinth (and Hellboy) -- but he didn't direct it. Or write it. But if you think Guillermo del Toro would just slap his name "sight unseen" on to some new horror flick without knowing the filmmakers, overseeing the production, and approving the final cut, I think you might be crazy. (Or at least I hope you are.) The chiller actually hails from a pair of first-timers (director Juan Bayona and screenwriter Sergio Sanchez), so let's give it up for Del Toro giving some young guys a shot while delivering another spooky flick to those of us who can't get enough of 'em.

Anyway, the Picturehouse release is scheduled to hit theaters on December 28, but has a brand-new peek at the new trailer, so click here to check that out. (And here's the official site, en espanol solamente.) In the film, Belen Rueda plays a single mother who returns to her childhood home and (unwisely) decides to convert it into an "orfanato." Unfortunately her son just acquired one of those pesky "imaginary" friends that aren't always so imaginary in movies like this. Early festival buzz on the flick has been very positive -- which makes me even more geeked to see it. Dang, even Time Magazine called it "superb." (Hey, maybe it'll play Fantastic Fest!) For a whole lot more on this suddenly-anticipated-by-me movie, check out the Twitch coverage.