I see in my future another guilty pleasure starring Amanda Bynes (do I consider her a celebrity crush if all I want to do is squeeze her cheeks like an annoying relative?). Myspace has the trailer up for the young actress' latest, which is titled Sydney White(formerly Sydney White and the Seven Dorks), and I can't deny that I think I'll enjoy it. A teen college comedy apparently loosely adapted from the Snow White story, it is basically the same direction Bynes went in with last year's Shakespeare remake She's the Man. And yes, I kinda liked that one. This time around she doesn't have to pretend to be a boy, but she does become one of the boys -- or dorks -- when she befriends a house full of losers (including Freaks and Geeks' Samm Levine). The movie's equivalent of the evil queen is Sara Paxton, pretty much recycling her role from Sleepover(both that film and this were directed by Joe Nussbaum) as a prissy sorority diva who makes enemies with Byne's S. White. In the trailer, she's shown as the butt of a cheap but great gag involving a nod to the "Heigh-Ho" song from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

As for the movie's Prince, a guy appropriately named Tyler Prince, the role belongs to Matt Long, who was last seen as a young Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider. He doesn't get much screen time in the trailer, which concentrates more on the social awkwardness of the dorks (some of which are very un-dwarf-like in height). Speaking of the dorks, they may be my only issue with the otherwise innocent, cute little movie. I'll just never buy the idea that geeks are really that amazed to see a girl's underwear. I didn't believe it 20 years ago in Sixteen Candlesand I don't believe it now. Real dorks may be socially awkward, sure, but they aren't morons. After seeing modern dorks done right in Knocked Up, I don't know if I could accept them as portrayed in Sydney White. But I do like watching Bynes' facial comedy, so there's still a chance I'm interested. Now that the actress has received more exposure recently via Hairspray, a lot more people may be interested, too.

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