An employee of Ving Rhames' was allegedly mauled to death Friday by the actor's pet dogs. The victim's name has not been released, but he was in fact the caretaker for the dogs -- reportedly four of them, "the size of lions" -- for the past two years. Described only as a 40-year-old African American, he was spotted on the front lawn on the property adjacent to Rhames' early in the morning, at which point the LAPD was called. The four dogs, three bull mastiffs and one English bulldog, suspected to have been involved in the incident have been seized. Rhames was not at home and has so far not given a statement. Considering he's attached to star in a number of films in the next year, I'm guessing that he was on location somewhere.

This is the sort of tragedy I would expect to befall an employee of Marcellus Wallace, but not the actor who played him. The real Ving Rhames seems like too nice a guy to have this happen on or near his property. Of course, he didn't actually have anything to do with the incident, but obviously he has some mean-ass dogs. Hopefully he won't have to endure any wrongful death suits as a result of his decision to own such violent animals; certainly the unnamed man was a canine expert and had to have been responsible enough -- not to say he was at fault for his own death, but he knew the risk and the care required and unfortunately had a fatal accident despite that knowledge. From what the police have been able to determine, the caretaker died after jumping Rhames' fence onto the lawn next door. It has not been officially confirmed that the dogs were the cause of death; they are currently at a shelter being tested for traces of the man's blood. Although he had bites all over his body, it is possible the man suffered a heart attack or some other ailment. Photos of the dogs can be seen here and here.

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