Here's a funny story, from Superman fansite, A police officer at the Capitol building in Washington recently spotted Mike Dougherty, scripter of Superman Returns and its in-limbo sequel, The Man of Steel, and decided to quiz him on the spot about what exactly is going on with that film. Dougherty claimed to be "shocked" that anyone would actually recognize him on the street, which I kind of understand, but he stood there and took his grilling. Obviously Dougherty wasn't going to tell a cop to buzz off, so he ended up actually spilling some details on the project. First, he seemingly disputes the recent buzz that The Man of Steel is being put on the back burner in favor of a 'Justice League with Superman' film. "He said that they were on track and the goal is still to have the movie out in the summer of 2009. He seemed a little hesitant about it but did his best to try and reassure that it will get done by then," the cop reported.

More specifically, he confirmed to the cop that there were, in fact, two villains for the film. One of those will, of course, be Lex Luthor, so this isn't really news. And I'm in the camp that really wonders if this project will come together at all. I mean, really, who is clamoring for it? The first film was such a lackluster affair that I can't imagine Warner Bros. would want to use the same team to deliver the same thing all over again. Even if there is a deliberate upping of the ante, hasn't the audience sort of given their verdict on this? Let's just move on to something else.

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