Last month I wrote about the hard-boiled action promised by the forthcoming Once Upon a Time in Seoul and now we have a few more details to share. MK Pictures is the South Korean company responsible for production, distribution, and sales; one of their representatives kindly sent us a copy of the information sheet used at Cannes in May, along with a very handsome looking poster, pictured in small size at right.

As we noted before, the film is set immediately following the conclusion of the Korean War in 1953. The official synopsis expands on what we reported: "Two 18 year old boys, Tae-ho and Jong-du, live in a camp for orphaned boys which is more of a concentration camp ... Tae-ho is the one with wits and brain, and Jong-du is the tough street fighter. Together they scheme to steal US Army supplies and gather other boys to grow their business. However, when they start to take business away from the local gangsters, their fight for survival turns into a war." Newcomer Lee Wan will play the hot-tempered Jong-du and fellow newcomer Song Chang-ui will portray smart, business-minded Tae-ho.

The production notes claim that this is the "first film to focus on the dramatic times right after the Korean War" and that the "whip action" sequence -- pitting Jong-du against a "brutal grown-up" and illustrated in the poster -- will be the film's highlight. The action in this drama sounds like it will come entirely from fists and whips rather than bullets. The notation that director Bae Hyung-joon wanted to work in the noir genre (which explains the "hard boiled" description) piques my interest further. MK Pictures hasn't nailed down a specific date yet, but plans to release Once Upon a Time in Seoul in October.
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