With the summer season drawing to a close, movie-wise, I'm noticing a lot of DVD announcements for the flicks that actually kick-started the spectacle parade. Just yesterday we covered all the goodies that you'll find on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean 3 DVD, and today we get word (by way of a Sony press release over at SuperheroHype.com) on the Spider-Man 3 DVD specs. Needless to say, multiple options will be available to the consumer once October 30 rolls around.

As is usually the case these days, SM3 will be released in single-disc form as well as a dual-disc mega-set that house all sorts of spider-sized treats. One the solo-disc release you'll find a pair of audio commentaries (one with director Sam Raimi and actors Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace and Bryce Dallas Howard; the other with producers Laura Ziskin, Avi Arad and Grant Curtis; editor Bob Murawski; and FX supervisor Scott Stokdyk), as well as a blooper reel, some photo galleries and a Snow Patrol music video.

Opt for the 2-disc release and you'll get all of the above plus a second disc filled with featurettes called 1) Grains of Sand -- Building Sandman; 2) Re-Imagining the Goblin; 3) Covered in Black -- Creating Venom; 4) Hanging On ... Gwen Stacy and the Collapsing Floor; 5) Fighting, Flying & Driving -- The Stunts; 6) Tangled Web: The Love Triangles of Spider-Man 3; 7) Wall of Water; 8) On Location Cleveland -- The Chase on Euclid Avenue; 9) On Location New York -- From Rooftops to Backstreets; 10) The Science of Sound; and 11) Inside The Editing Room. Sony claims that the dual-disc release has over six hours of supplemental material -- but that includes the two 2-hour commentaries, now doesn't it?

Of course Sony won't be stopping there. In addition to the 1-disc and 2-disc "normal" DVD releases, you'll also be able to pick up the PSP version, a trilogy 3-pack, the Blu-Ray 2-discer OR the Blu-Ray trilogy set. This DVD news would make me a whole lot happier if I didn't think Spider-Man 3 was a pretty big disappointment -- but maybe a second visit will help me warm up to the flick a little more. Obviously I can't NOT buy the DVD ... my trilogy needs to be complete!
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