Only two weeks left before we get to see The Invasion, Warner Bros.' latest version of the Body Snatchers storyline, and the studio has issued another poster for the movie. It seems to be a design for one of the foreign markets, though, because the release date is given as August 23 instead of August 17. That would be the date for release in Hong Kong (according to IMDb) and Germany (according to Box Office Mojo), but I can't find any other indicator of where this poster is being distributed. And I haven't heard anything about the movie being pushed back for six days in the U.S ...

Regardless of where it's going, the new one-sheet is pretty cool. Over at they're calling it "lackluster", but I actually like it. Sure, it isn't as beautiful as the poster we've seen at the multiplex all month, but I can appreciate this one on its own. As a fan of To Die For, I'm always happy to see Nicole Kidman illuminated with a blue tint. I also like the way that Kidman looks a bit creepy here. It goes a little better with the movie's theme than does a shot of the actress appearing worried or afraid. I can't understand why Daniel Craig isn't featured -- is he not a star in either Hong Kong or Germany? -- but his expression in the American poster is so out of place that I don't really mind.

I think if this were the German poster, it would somewhere promote the movie's director, Oliver Hirschbiegel, whose Downfall was the German nominee for the 2005 Foreign Film Oscar. This is the filmmaker's Hollywood debut and I'm curious to find out, if possible, how it is received in his homeland -- especially considering he was replaced for re-shoots and I'm sure it bears no resemblance to his usual work. I'm also just as curious to see how The Invasion is received here. So far we've seen both good and bad reactions from the test screening stages. I can't wait to find out next Friday.

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