If she never did anything else, I don't think many of us could ever forget Joan Jett after her cover of The Arrows song, I Love Rock 'n' Roll. Well, except for Britney Spears, who once attributed the song, which she covered for Crossroads, to Pat Benatar. (She says it was sarcasm, but c'mon Britney, we know the truth!) While Jett has been doing guest-appearances with other bands and producing music, she's also been lining up the film work. She's already scored herself a role in Multiple Sarcasms, and now she's signed on for an indie teen comedy called Endless Bummer. The rest of the cast boasts: Khan Chittenden, Andy Fischer-Price, Colton James, Jane Leeves, Ray Santiago, Allison Scagliotti and Caitlin Wachs.

The movie, which will begin production soon, is based on some real-life experiences of screenwriter John 'J.D.' Drury. Simply enough, the flick is set in 1984 and deals with the theft of a surfboard from a Ventura beach, and how the owner and his friends drive to the San Fernando Valley to get it back. It might seem like a simply dumb premise, but considering what others have made from simplicity (Dazed and Confused), this could go either way. Directed by Sam Pillsbury, Bummer is going to have close ties to Vans Warped Tour, including covers by Vans performers and a connection in the marketing and promotion of the movie.
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