I once saw Leelee Sobieski in person after an awards show. I was dazzled by how young, slender and beautiful she looked, and at how tall she was -- she towered over Jack Valenti. Of course, even short little me was taller than the late, diminutive Mr. Valenti, but Sobieski stands over six feel in heels. Yet the thing that impressed me most when I first saw her act was not her physical appearance but her calm maturity. She was just 14 or 15 when she did James Ivory's A Solider's Daughter Never Cries. She was poised, independent and radiated intelligence, not an easy thing to do. Ever since then, I've been hoping that she'd have a chance to give another breakout performance. She kept busy until she headed off to Brown University, but her recent work has been mostly unseen -- I don't think Lying,Heavens Fall or The Elder Son have received US theatrical distribution yet, In a Dark Place went straight to DVD, and the less said about the dreadful Wicker Man remake, the better, though Scott Weinberg liked it more than I did.

Ever an optimist, a brief casting note caught my eye. Variety reports that Sobieski will star in the independent thriller Night Train. Evidently already in production, the film also stars Danny Glover and Steve Zahn. Tthe plot "concerns three strangers competing for a mysterious object on a train on Christmas Eve. Sobieski plays a seemingly sedate med student." Glover is always reliable and I usually enjoy whatever Steve Zahn does, so adding Sobieski to the mix sounds very promising. Debuting director Brian King also wrote the script; he previously penned Cypher. Sobieski has three other films waiting for release: as a fledging dominatrix in the comedy/thriller Walk All Over Me,88 Minutes (with Al Pacino) and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale.
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