Perhaps I'm stating the obvious here, but in case there was ever any doubt Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman are both very beautiful women. In addition, they also have some pretty decent acting chops, particularly in the case of Portman. Although, with the right material and director, Johansson has been very good too. No matter what, in any movie they appear, from Revenge of the Sith to Match Point, their mere presence lights up the screen and in many cases makes some not-so-great movies very watchable.

So imagine my happiness when this new artwork for the movie The Other Boleyn Girlappeared over at Joblo today. Not only is Johansson in the film but Portman as well -- and there's a big picture of them from the film too. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the film. But in case you're not, here's a little info. This pic, based on the huge bestselling novel by Philippa Gregory, concerns the trials and tribulations of Mary Boleyn (played by Johannson), sister to the more famous Anne Boleyn (played by Portman) and her life and affairs with various kings, including François I of France and England's Henry VIII.

There is also a great deal of rivalry between the two sisters, especially when Anne becomes Queen and does all sorts of not-so-nice stuff to her sister. This all leads, as these stories often do, to tragedy. What that tragedy is and for the rest of their story, just go see the movie when it comes out in December. Both the novel and the film offer an interesting premise: the overlooked story of the more interesting sister to one of the most infamous Queens in history. A potentially interesting story indeed. Although, seeing as how both Johansson and Portman are in the film, the story probably isn't really so important.