It's good to see an honest, straightforward poster every now and again. This new one-sheet for The Strangers (courtesy of lets me know that it's a movie I don't want to see, without me even needing to know what it's about. All I need to understand is that I'll be seeing Liv Tyler beaten to the ground, and I don't particularly want to see yet another woman abused for the sake of entertainment. Of course, for others the poster offers the appeal of all this. Hey, we all win, right? I must point out, however, that some people could mistake Tyler for some kind of horror villain here. If you look at the image a certain way, she looks scary rather than scared. Also, I'm sure Rogue/Focus has gone with this muddied yellow color palette to symbolize the disturbance of Tyler's happiness, but it just looks like she's stuck on flypaper. Plus it makes the white lettering hard to make out. In case you didn't notice, it says "Coming Soon" at the bottom.

The Strangers, which isn't about Liv Tyler coming after you, is apparently inspired by true events (it says it right there on the poster). I don't know what these real events were, but it doesn't matter because we've seen the story countless times in the news and in the movies. The plot simply consists of a young couple -- Tyler and Scott Speedman -- who are terrorized by three people at their remote cabin. And as you can tell from the poster, Tyler gets pretty bloodied up. This is certainly more revealing than the previous Strangers poster we saw from Showest; that one made the movie look like a non-distinct slasher film. The new design also seems consistent with the rest of the pic's marketing, which includes a photo of Tyler similarly crawling forward, though away from one of the masked villains. I think the trailer also features the same motif of Tyler crawling (I haven't seen it, but Chris saw it at ComicCon's Rogue/Focus presentation). The Strangers was originally scheduled for release back on July 13, but it was postponed. Currently it has no known release date.

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