Conn and Hal Iggulden's resoundingly popular The Dangerous Book for Boys is about to become a movie, and it's producer Scott Rudin and the Disney studio who'll be bringing the best-seller to the screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, prolific producer Scott Rudin (Lemony Snicket, The Hours, Sleepy Hollow) is the winner in a hotly-contested rights battle, and he'll be heading over to Disney to bring the teen-friendly tome to cinematic life. The book's been a powerfully hot seller since it was released last May; The Iggulden brothers also have The Daring Book for Girls in the works -- and if you think Rudin and Disney haven't considered the sequel possibilities, well, welcome to the movie world.

Our source indicates that the award-winning book is a "tongue-in-cheek manual, which gives today's coddled youth instructions on potentially hazardous activities, such as how build go-carts and make a bow and arrow. It also provides trivia, historical anecdotes and advice on life that have inspired interest from fathers and nostalgic middle-aged men." Neat. For a whole lot more on this book (which, yes, I definitely plan to read soon) check out the Amazon page, which also offers a fine interview piece with the authors.

I may be going out on an obvious limb here, but I'm betting this movie turns out to be a big hit. Here's hoping this strange little book can be transformed into a movie better than The Darwin Awards was. (Hire good writers!!) As soon as Rudin and Disney have signed a screenwriter, tapped a director and locked in some stars, we'll be sure to let you know. Who knows? Maybe they'll do it animation-style.
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