When I hear the words "See You in September," I always think of second grade, and how my teacher would sing those words to the kids who weren't doing their work, insinuating that they'll not be advancing to third grade. Now, those immortal words are making their way to the big screen, but as much as I would love to see the teacherly serenade in film, this new indie movie is of the dysfunctional adult variety. Tamara Tunie, who you might recognize from Law and Order: SVU, is making her directorial debut with the indie romcom See You in September.

The feature comes from the producer trio of Tunie, Jennifer Maloney and Joe Cilibrasi, who have been putting out theater like the Tony-winner, Spring Awakening. An idea of Cilibrasi and written by Victoria Rinaldi, September is about a successful woman in New York City who is getting therapy to work through her commitment fears. She's on the verge of a breakthrough when her therapist takes a month-long vacation for the month of August, so she puts together group therapy sessions for others, like her, who have been temporarily ditched by their vacationing doctors. The film boasts names like Estella Warren, who broke onto the scene with 2001's Perfume, Weeds slacker brother-in-law Justin Kirk and David Eigenberg, Sex and the City's Steve Brady. Sounds good to me!
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