Many of us at Cinematical have written about just how great the Korean, record-breaking horror flick called The Host is. It is no perfect film, but it has heart, laughs and this funny way of sticking with you. I still smile every time I think of the over-the-top gymnasium scene (check out the DVD to see what I'm talking about). While we're lucky enough to be able watch it from our own comfy couches starting tomorrow, some people are seeing it for the first time. The film has made its way into India, and grossed a respectable 8.39 million Rupees ($208,000) in its first week there on 62 screens, selling 72,500 tickets -- something to note since it seems to be the first Korean flick released in the country.

The success of this Korean flick doesn't seem to be some one-of-a-kind feat, and another film is hot on the killer tadpole's tail. Variety has reported that a new monster movie, D-War, has grossed a super-solid $20.3 million in South Korea after only give days -- just missing the record-breaking opening for The Host. Unlike the other, D-War is a Korean flick with U.S. actors, and it follows a Korean legend about a giant snake that's got its sights set on Los Angeles. The film, which stars Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks and Robert Forster, is going to be released stateside on September 14 under the name Dragon Wars. Horror might be struggling, but monster movies are going good and strong.