Ah, Elvis Presley. Having been born the year he died, I always find my big birthday years to be saturated with Elvis. This year is no exception, as we're almost to the 30th anniversary of the hip-shaker's death (August 16). As I told you last month, the cinematic loves of Elvis' life will soon descend on Memphis to dish the Presley dirt and sign autographs. As the big anniversary gets even closer, The Telegraph has put up a little photo feature about the actors who dared to become Elvis on the big screen.

Of course, when we think of those who embody The King, Nicolas Cage is usually the first to come to mind. While Christian Slater (who donned the sequins in 3000 Miles to Graceland) is the guy who always brings to mind Jack Nicholson, Cage is our modern-day Elvis. He worshiped the guy in Wild at Heart, sky-dived with impersonators in Honeymoon in Vegas and even married Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie. What you might not remember: Kurt Russell was actually one of the first with Elvis: The Movie in 1979, and as you might remember, was alongside Slater in 3000 Miles. Heck, even Joe Strummer of The Clash had a stint as Elvis in Jim Jarmusch's Mystery Train. But my personal favorite will always be the mummy-fighting Elvis, whose best friend is a black JFK. Of course, I'm talking about Bruce Campbell as an aged Elvis in an old folks' home in Bubba Ho-tep. Even if you remove all the over-the-top elements, the guy just has that Presley thing.
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