One thing we can always be sure of are new Christmas movies -- not just ones released during the season of lights, egg nog and presents under pine trees, but ones that focus on the holiday itself. The next in the long line of jolly flicks is a feature-length animated musical called Snowyville, which is based on director Michael Attardi's animated short, Once Upon a Christmas Village. Could this be instigated by the increasing deluge of musicals lately? Sweeney Todd. Hairspray. Footloose. Repo. I think so!

The premise for the flick is a bit...strange: "Santa Claus drops his magical watch under a Christmas tree, bringing to life a miniature village at the base of the tree." Magical watch!? That must be one hell of a time piece, because I can't see any normal watch being useful for the man who travels across the world, delivering millions of presents, in one short night. Voices have already been lined up -- headlined with Tim Curry and Jim Belushi. (Am I the only one who misses Curry's risque, transvestite days?)

Dream Balloon Productions is developing the feature and celeb artist Nicolosi is going to collaborate with the film's art director, Paul "Kit" Stolen, and Attardi (who is writing and producing the feature) on both the art design for the feature and marketing. Considering the fact that Nicolosi has a whole Warhol aesthetic going, I wonder if this means the animation will be done in black and white and then be colorized with bright, unrealistic color? If so, that could make for a funky film that's different than your everyday holiday fare.
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