Yep, that's right. You'll soon find a DVD on the shelves called Havoc 2: Normal Adolescent Behavior, which is not a sequel at all, really. Here's how I think it went down: Beth Schachter'sNormal Adolescent Behavior played at the Tribeca Film Festival a few months back and got picked up by New Line, who then slapped the phrase "Havoc 2" in front of the title and promptly scheduled the flick for an October 16 release date. But why would you re-name a movie Havoc 2 when the first Havoc barely played in theaters?

I suspect it's because the generally chaste Anne Hathaway got extra-sexy in Havoc -- whereas Havoc 2 stars TV starlet Amber Tamblyn. And the logical assumption is that Ms. Tamblyn will also show some now-of-age skin in the new flick. According to the IMDb the "sequel" is about a (very) tight-knit group of high school friends who 'hook up' only with each other. Until, that is, one girl finds a new boy she likes ... and that's when nutty girl Billie (Kelli Garner) gets all psycho-emo. Perhaps the Havoc series will run for years; whenever another Disney-scrubbed starlet wants to shed her goody-two-shoes image and drop some threads for the camera, New Line could kick-start another Havoc flick! Put me in charge of that division!

Aha, our own report from early last year offers a quick correction: This was not a New Line pick-up, but a full-bore New Line production. But yes, in the formative stages it was known as simply Normal Adolescent Behavior and not Havoc 2. Back then the project was described as a "darkly comic look at sexual politics among precocious and privileged teenagers." Now it looks like a festival flick that's been branded with a silly name for little besides reasons of marketing. Needless to say ... I'll be renting it. (Check out the cover art over at
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