Last month, I alerted you to a pretty funny clip from Julie Delpy's 2 Days in Paris, which was up over at indieWIRE as part of the indie film series with Apple stores. Now the website has got another strange and comedic clip to distract us from the daily grind, and it will again be followed by store appearances. This time, the movie is Hannah Takes the Stairs, from director Joe Swanberg (Kissing on the Mouth and LOL). The film stars Greta Gerwig, who was in Swanberg's LOL, Kent Osborne, who actually got his start on School Ties (which helped launch the careers of many actors, including Damon and Affleck) and Andrew Bujalski, whose last film was Mutual Appreciation, which he wrote, directed, edited and starred in -- and all of them collaborated on the film's script.

Hannah Takes the Stairs
(follow the link for a trailer) is about a young woman named Hannah who is interning at a production company in Chicago. She's got a crush on two of her co-workers, Matt (Osborne) and Paul (Bujalski), and the question becomes whether pursuing one of them will hurt their friendship trio. In the clip, Matt shows Paul and Hannah how you can get six-pack abs without working out. Between the six-pack and the hot dogs he can also change his stomach into, the man is a walking tailgating party. It'll definitely be a tough choice for the young professional. God only knows what special talents Paul has! The film will hit a limited release on August 22 through IFC Films, and the day after, you can hear Swanberg, Gerwig, Aaron Katz and Aaron Hillis talk about indie filmmaking at the Apple Store in Soho.
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